Miss Inga feat. Dominika & La Camilla: Don’t Try To Steal My Limelight

Tim: This I predict, will somewhat polarise opinion, and I’m fairly sure I can guess where the majority would side.

Tim: But screw the majority, because I love this. I will happily confess that part of it may just be all the neon lights in the video (which is, let’s be honest, one of the gayest we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot of Le Kid so that’s saying something).

Tom: Oh my. It’s registering at 15.7 VP* according to my calculations.

*”Villagepeople”. It’s the SI unit for how camp a music video is.

Tim: Anyway, I like the beat, the chorus melody – I think the first line reminds me of something else but I don’t care – and this song’s just good fun, really.

Tom: It doesn’t half go on a bit though. Not sure quite why I’m so irritated by the track, but I am.

Tim: Oh. Well, one thing that’s definitely a bit weird: I think the vague idea of the song is that Dominika and La Dawn French —

Tom: Ooh, handbags.

Tom: Oh, come on, you’re saying you don’t see it?

Anyway, they’re saying they’re better than Miss Inga, and that sort of comes across in the video but you don’t really hear it in the lyrics unless you’re listening properly because the music takes all the attention. Except for the line ‘Miss Inga, you’re not a very good singer’, which stands out so blatantly you’d think he (yes, he) hates himself.

That dog looks slightly uncomfortable, though.

Tom: Well, wouldn’t you be?

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