Matt Cardle – Amazing

Tim: Ah, Credibility Cardle. What’s he up to?

Tom: He’s still going, and probably still a bit annoyed that Olly Murs is doing so well.

Tom: But I’d like to revise my opinion of Matt Cardle: if you file him under what the radio stations refer to as “adult contemporary” rather than “pop”, then he’s absolutely brilliant. He’s not aiming for Radio 1; he’s aiming for Radio 2. You can tell by the nice, probably meaningful, slow video.

Tim: Hmm. If I were you I’d get rid of ‘nice’ and replace it with ‘boring’. Look at me, I’m playing a guitar. I’m not an X Factor winner – I’m a Credible Rock Musician. And just to show how deep and emotional my songs probably are, because people really aren’t going to be able to listen to my lyrics without slipping into a coma, let’s have some people crying for no good reason.

Tom: I think you’re confusing “different” with “bad” there.

Tim: Absolutely not – I’m a Serious Music Reviewer, and I do not confuse those things (much). What I am doing is allowing my personal dislike for Matt Cardle’s attitude to interfere with my discussion of this track. And that is something I am PERFECTLY ENTITLED TO DO.

Tom: It’s a textbook Radio 2 track. It’s great. It’s an anthemic, slowly building, guitar-and-everything track that makes me smile. It’s the kind of thing that Almighty Records will remix.

Tim: Speaking of which, who wants a Christina Perri cover?

Tom: Ooh, good post hijack. Bit of a weird intro, but it picks up fast. A quick warning to readers, though: the video attached to that track is just a scantily-clad arse, so do watch out if you’re at work.

Anyway. In other words, Cardle’s being a bit like Snow Patrol. Probably a bit too much like Snow Patrol, actually.

Still good, though.

Tim: Oh, it’s alright, I suppose. And exactly what an ‘I HATE X FACTOR but actually I owe everything I have to it but I HATE IT’ X Factor winner should aim to come out with.

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