Friðrik Ómar – I Want To Know

It’s the official song of Reykjavik Pride 2010, and for the first 15 seconds you’ll think you’re listening to Underworld.

Information for you:

Hmm. He looks like a Nordic version of Neil Patrick Harris, only less awesome.

There’s something about the chord progression in “to break the chain / and love again” that reminds me of Guru Josh’s Infinity 2008.

And special attention needs to go to the lyrics “kissing your lips / in a total eclipse”, there. That’s a particularly inspired kind of insipid.

Agreed, but I feel special attention should also be paid to:

“When I rest my head in an empty bed
Only memories hanging on my wall
I stare into space with the tears on my face
And I count them as they fall”.

Sort of what emo would be if it had been invented by Lazytown.

You do (I sincerely hope) recognise the oh-oh lead into the chorus.

Shockingly, I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Friðrik Ómar – I Want To Know”

  1. Infact, Tom the entire synth line is remarkably similar to “Infinity 2008”
    Infact the whole track is, though somehow doesnt have the “must rave” factor to it like Infinity does.

  2. For shame, Tom, I’m not even in Europe and I remembered the oh-oh chorus lead-in…and I laughed so hard when I recognized it.

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