Vengaboys – Rocket to Uranus

Oh hell no. There are so many things wrong with this.

Tom: Oh hell no. There are so many things wrong with this: Perez Hilton. The rip-off of “House of the Rising Sun”. Just the fact that the Vengaboys are attempting a comeback.

Tim: The first time I heard this, I thought, “Oh God, the Vengaboys are back, doing a rubbish song filled with cheap innuendo, where they want to say ‘Rock It to Your Anus’ but that would be too rude.” Then, however, I watch the video and I’m pleasantly surprised to discover I was wrong – it is actually a song about a real space mission! As their YouTube channel says, ‘it’s about personal freedom and interplanetary travel.’

I don’t think you can mention Perez (who, it seems, used to be the baby in the Teletubbies – who knew?) without also mentioning Pete Burns, who has an army of bikini-clad warriors trying to destroy a dance party but whose one weakness seems to be dance music – go figure.

It’s a slight shame that they resorted to really really tacky innuendo (a cock-shaped rocket? Seriously?) despite the fact that they managed fine without it 10 years ago, because it means a lot of their old fans now have a(nother) reason to distance themselves from it, but for me, this just about manages to fit in the guilty pleasure category.

3 thoughts on “Vengaboys – Rocket to Uranus”

  1. Cripes, this is less a subtle innuendo that literally ramming it down your throat. And what have they done to ‘House of the Rising Sun’? House of the Rising Bum more like.

    Finally, I would like to think that the work of Wehrner von Braun and all the men (and some women) at NASA is accurately represented by that cock-shaped rocket which let’s face it, is what a rocket *should* look like.

  2. Is anyone reminded of Lexx at all? Maybe it’s just the cock rocket and the bad guy’s ship called Fisto 3000 😀

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