The Sound of Arrows – Wonders

Just as spaced out and trancey as ever.

Tim: Barely a fortnight now until Voyage is released, and here’s a new single to accompany it.

Tom: I remember, the last time we discussed The Sound of Arrows, that I had trouble putting them into a genre. Well, no more: this is trance, surely?

Tim: It’s just as spaced out and trancey as ever, and I love it. You push play, you lie back, and you drift away. All it needs is a video along the lines of Nova and it’ll be perfect. You hear me? PERFECT.

Tom: Perfect?

Tim: Well, maybe not perfect, because it’s actually not as good as Nova or M.A.G.I.C. were, but still. Very good nonetheless.

Tom: Despite the dodgy sci-fi laser-beam sound effects, I’ve got to agree.