Adam F – When The Rain Is Gone

This is it: dubstep is mainstream now.

Tom: This is it: dubstep is mainstream now. All Around The World, makers of the Clubland compilations, are releasing it. And as you might expect, it’s been toned down, sanitised, and made commercial.

Tom: This is, in short, dubstep without the classic “wub wub wub” effect. And – I never thought I’d say this – I miss those wubs. Without them, this is just a bit of a lame, slow dance track. It’s as if the bass has been turned off – which, in a way, it has.

Tim: Hmm. I don’t know – I’m watching this on a train, and the 3G signal went just as the opening bit finished. I was a bit ‘ooh, not going to like this’, but when it came back and he pushed the play button on his iPod I was pleasantly surprised. I think there’s even a tune in there.

Tom: Let me point you at this remix. Okay, so the video just has static graphics rather than girls kissing, but at least it has some oomph to it. And it turns out I’m completely used to dubstep’s Transformers-having-a-seizure style now, because this sounds good to me. Compare that to the two-year-ago version of me which despised dubstep. Simply put, my ears have adjusted.

Tim: I suppose you may have a point – there’s a whole time and place thing, where if it’s the right time and the right place it works. And you’re right – that remix does sound better. A tad less appealing for me in general, but as a full song it’s a bit more rounded and complete.

Tom: The really weird thing? That remix still doesn’t have enough bass for me. MORE BASS.

Tim: Like this?

Tom: That’s why you should never go fishing with Skrillex. He always drops the bass.