Blim – Scream

It’s time for some regular modern pop, and within five seconds you’ll be right back home.

Tim: After Monday’s schlager throwback and yesterday’s dreamy thing, do you think it’s time for some regular modern pop? Because I do, and within five seconds of this starting you’ll be right back home.

Tim: Quick intro: a duo comprising Rebecca Rosier (British) and Denmark Davis (um, Swedish). It’s been around a month or so, but annoyingly I kept forgetting about it until it was released last week. I think it’s pretty good – what do you think?

Tom: This isn’t dubstep – not by a long way – but it’s another sign of the genre’s steady encroachment into the mainstream. That slightly-late drop that appears at 0:39 is straight from the dubstep playbook; the beat in the background of the chorus is only really kicking in half as often as it “should” in a pop song.

Tim: Hmm – I’d just heard that as a big drumbeat, but you’re right. Subtle, and I actually like it a lot.

Tom: It’s how it always goes: “what’s this noise?” “actually, that track’s okay”, “oh wow, it’s everywhere”. The next step, “that’s horribly played out”, is due in a few months’ time. Also: this track’s a rare example of the middle eight being carried just by the vocal: there’s no great instrumental difference between it and the final chorus. It’s something that works very well – as, indeed, does the whole song. It’s not a BIG ANTHEM CHOON that’s going to knock all the clubs out this summer – but it’s not meant to be. It’s a decent modern pop song, and I like it.

Tim: Excellent – we’re in agreement.