Keane – Silenced By The Night

Will it be interesting enough to say anything about?

Tom: The big question we must face with a Keane song, Tim, is this: will it be interesting enough to say anything about?

Tim: Until I watched this, I’d never really paid much attention to Keane’s name. But look at it. Keane. Suddenly seems a bit weird. Keane. Anyway, here’s their new album’s lead single.

Tom: Semantic satiation, Tim.

Tim: I’d always thought of Keane (Keane. Hmm.) as a sort of dull Travis, who were in turn a fairly dull U2. Bits of this, though, remind me of actual U2 – I’m thinking the first line of the chorus specifically, but overall it’s at that sort of level. Just the opening few notes have a confidence about them that I don’t remember from their first stuff, and that carries on into almost an enforcement of enjoyment and enthusiasm in the listener.

Tom: I saw Keane at Live 8, and they had that confidence then – and an entire crowd singing along with them. The singles off that first album were just so good, that it’s difficult to put this one in perspective.

Tim: Maybe my memory’s doing them an injustice, but this is a lot better than I remember them.

Tom: And maybe my memory’s doing them a different injustice: but this isn’t as good as I remember them.

Tim: Hang on, give me a sec.

…Hmm. My memory is doing them a slight injustice, but I still think this is a damn good track, and probably on a par with the early stuff.

Tom: It’s good. Can I see Hyde Park, full of people, all singing this chorus? Maybe. Ask me in a few more listens’ time.