Rebecca Ferguson – Glitter & Gold

A voice right out of Motown.


Tom: No, it’s not a more sparkly cover of Sam Sparro.

Tim: Oh.

Tom: A voice right out of Motown. How many other stars would dare to end a track a capella?

Tim: Off the top of my head, quite a few. But it’s a voice that deserves the attention that provides, I’ll grant you that.

Tom: And wonderfully, this isn’t about sex, or relationships, or the love of money. The key phrase is “take care of your soul”, and the video’s a classy piece about rejecting superficiality. I want this to take the charts by storm. I want this to get to number 1 and, specifically, to beat some look-at-me rap star with an autotuned voice and a fancy Mercedes. It’s lovely.

Tim: Well, news for you: Radio 1 will playlist it, Capital will like it and play it a bit, and it’ll get top 10. Number one? Unlikely, but not impossible. You may get your wish.