Dada Life – Happy Violence

I’m not sure what it’s got.

Tim: Right. Yesterday I said I liked dubstep if it was done well. This has been sent in by reader Martijn, and it’s time to test that. But first, don’t watch it at work if you’re an investment banker.

Tom: With the title of “Happy Violence”, I was really hoping that the shocked bankers’ reactions at one minute into the video would be in response to a gunman entering the building, God Bless America-style. Alas, ’twas not to be.

Tim: Hmm. I’m conflicted here. Because, I really don’t know whether I like it or not. Its got— well, actually I’m not sure what it’s got.

Tom: Well, it starts all off Jean Michel Jarre, but rapidly becomes a bass-heavy dance number. But this is not dubstep, not by a long way – it’s far too fast, and far too light.

Tim: Not properly, no, but I wouldn’t say it’s a long way off – there are definite elements of it in the post-chorus instrumental bit, and for me it’s that that sticks out.

I can’t put into words anything I like about it, and if I was analysing it piece by piece it would all be negative. But somehow, there’s just a glimmer of something in there, I think, which means that…oh, I don’t know. What do you think?

Tom: It’s a middle-of-the-DJ-set track, in the manner of Justice or a few other similar acts – nothing that’s going to trouble the pop charts, but certainly a decent effort.

Tim: Actually, you know what? I don’t like it. I think it’s best if we just leave this sort of stuff for middle-eights for now.