Gravitonas – Incredible

“Reminds me a lot of BWO, and that’s a very good thing.”

Tim: A song that takes the same theme as Amazing, Amazing and Amazing: choose a word and use it to describe the target. (We should note that Amazing doesn’t do that.)

Tom: Next up: “Slightly Dull”, “Irritating”, and “Broken Up With”.

Tim: This, much like many others that I’ve heard from Gravitonas, reminds me a lot of BWO (the bearded bloke’s previous band, if you need reminding), and that’s a very good thing – their album Big Science is still one of my favourites, and this could come straight off it.

Tom: That’s exactly what I thought when it kicked into full-on DANCE CHOON territory. There’s even some melodies in there that seem to be cribbed rather closely from tracks on Big Science – although that’s not a bad thing.

Tim: The vast majority is great: the intro, the first verse with a calm backing, the first chorus with a bit more underneath it, a cracking dancey post-chorus, a fantastic middle eight and a great closing part. The singing throughout is great, and like I said, the dance part is cracking. But you’ll notice I did miss one bit of the song out: the second verse/chorus. It’s just a minor thing, but basically, I want more.

Tom: Are you Oliver Twist?

Tim: No, but I am musically-demanding. The backing just falls from so high down to pretty much where we were at the beginning, and it doesn’t sit right with me. I know that’s not much of a complaint, because it still works brilliantly, but DAMMIT I WANT MORE.