Jedward – Luminous

Tim: This is not remotely like Waterline, which was brilliant. It is, however, almost as good.

Tom: And an interesting technical note: it’s “(c) Planet Jedward, under license to Universal Music”. Whoever Jedward’s agent is, they’re good.

Tim: One thing I like about Jedward is that they don’t seem to be too concerned with wanting to be credible musicians or writing their own stuff. They understand the basic fact that singing and writing are very different talents, and it’s entirely allowable for them to be done by different people.

Tom: OBVIOUS JOKE ALERT: Mind you, Jedward tracks would be improved if both the singing and writing were done by different people.

Tim: Perhaps, but they wouldn’t sell as well.

Here, we have a song by the same group of people that wrote Danny Saucedo’s recent single, All In My Head; Waterline was written by other Swedish people and everybody loved it. I’m rambling a bit, but my point is: everyone may say “Oh, Jedward, they’re annoying, I hate them”, but the thing that’s important is that their management know how to pick good songs.

Tom: On the other hand, Ireland can’t win Eurovision if they keep letting Jedward run for it. The juries’ votes placed them at the bottom of the table – no fan support can raise them to pole position from there. And if they’re in the running, they will get voted into the contest, no matter how good the song is.

Tim: That is true, and some day their reign over Irish pop will no doubt end. Until then, I’ve got no issues as long as they’re given tracks like this. Lovely backing, pretty video, decent enough lyrics and good use of autotune, all by people who know what they’re doing.

Tom: Well, with two notable exceptions.

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  1. What do you think “(c) Planet Jedward, under license to Universal Music” means? And why does it mean their agent (Louis Walsh) is good?

    1. Well, their agent probably isn’t Louis Walsh – not personally. Whoever’s negotiated the deal for them has made it so that it’s not “Universal Music” that owns the copyright, it’s “Planet Jedward” – presumably a business entity set up to keep more of the money.

      Could be wrong though.

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