Saturday Flashback: Kati Wolf – What About My Dreams


Tim: We haven’t had any massive schlager tunes on here for quite some time, and that’s a shame.

Tom: Good grief, you’re right. We started this to talk about schlager, and we’ve all but forgotten about it.

Tim: Let’s rectify the issue with this, which, you may recall, was the track that finally got everyone dancing after an hour of everything else seeming to fail (even Aqua) at that Eurofest night you & I went to back in January.

Tim: Sorted.

Tom: Indeed.

Tim: Although…

Tom: What? That’s a top Eurovision track, that is.

Tim: Oh, it really is, but you may have noticed there was missing something from the usual formula – perhaps a second verse & chorus before the middle eight? So let’s hear it again. But the full version. The Hungarian version. The four minute version that got released earlier this year. Basically, the awesome version.


Tom: Indeed.