Saturday Flashback: Of Monsters and Men – Little Talk

Well, that’s just lovely.

Tim: The video you’re about to see bears very little relation to the song whatsoever, but both it and the song are bloody brilliant.

Tom: Well, that’s just lovely.

Tim: Isn’t it just? I say ‘very little’ because there’s sort of a slight link – the female voice in the song is singing about being scared and uncertain about things, and the male voice is reassuring her, which I suppose could be tenuously linked to the band being scared and the fairy thing guiding and defending them on their mystical and utterly something journey. (I’m not sure what word I want to put there, but it should definitely be preceded by utterly.)

Tom: Someone spent a lot of money animating that video, and it’s clearly paid off.

Tim: It really has. And let’s not gloss over: TRUMPETS! Isn’t that a fantastic melody? Combined with the voices, the shouts of ‘hey!’ and other standard instruments behind the rest of the sining, this song is absolutely marvellous, and I can’t believe I’ve only just found out about it.

Tom: Surprised me as well – particularly with the view count on that video being over of 25 million. I feel like I should have heard it before.

Tim: It first got released in Iceland (and then worldwide) over a year ago, although it was only this summer that it got picked up by Radio 1 and subsequently charted at number 12.

Tom: It’s got that kind of “popular at Glastonbury” vibe about it – it’s never going to be the massive, chart-topping, commercial success, but it’ll bubble under quite nicely and be happy there.

Tim: Their second single, Mountain Sound, was released last month and is starting to get airplay over here; it’s definitely worth a listen, but it’s (a) not quite as good as this and (b) so far lacking a video that’s quite so utterly.