Parralox – Sharper Than A Knife

This lyric video is critically acclaimed

Tim: According to this duo’s PR people this lyric video is critically acclaimed, so I suppose we really ought to watch it. (Much as part of me wants to make fun of that, it is true, and the video is really quite inventive.)

Tom: It’s easy to make a lyric video – but so difficult to make a good lyric video.

Tim: These guys are from Australia, so this comes back more from my current enjoyment of electropop than europop or anything, but I don’t care because I think this is great.

Tom: It is – and look out for some more Australian tracks appearing here in the next few weeks, as I’m on holiday down under for most of November. Particularly if they’re as good as this.

Tim: The vocals are pretty good and the backing track is excellent, and really that’s all I have to say about this. Mainly because I’m too busy listening to it.

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