Dragonette – Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)

Here’s something a bit more promising.

Tim: I’ll be honest: while this does come with the obligatory sleigh bells, it’s not quite as enthusiastic about the festive season as the past couple of tracks have been.

Tom: It’s something a bit more promising. Dragonette’s best known for providing the vocals on Martin Solveig’s “Hello”, so at least this should sound decent.

Tom: You know, I think I actually like this, aside from that clunky “X-mas” bit – I understand why it’s there. And that’s a clever bit of censorship, too.

Tim: Sleigh bells have previously been used to indicate joy, festivity and general wellbeing; as far as I know, this is the first time they’ve been used to cover up obscenities, and for that reason alone I’m halfway to loving this track.

Tom: Of this week’s suggestions, I think it’s my favourite.

Tim: Figures. Miserable git.

Tom: That’s doesn’t mean I actively like it – it’s no Hurts – but it’s listenable.

Tim: It’s not as happy as the last two – it’s a Christmas breakup song, with all the disappointment that entails – but despite that, it still seems remarkably upbeat and happy. I think that might be a Titanix-glockenspiel effect, though – after all, how can something possibly sound downbeat when it’s going at 130 sleigh bells per minute?