Within Temptation – Skyfall

“Perhaps better than Adele’s?”

Tim: I was going to throw in a track from these guys as a Saturday Flashback at some point, because I quite like them and I found out recently that my mum had become a fan thanks to my leaving a CD at her place, which I thought might be vaguely enough of an anecdote to satisfy our not-remotely-strict guidelines. But no need! This Dutch metal band have released a cover of Skyfall, which is current. So let’s have a listen!

Tom: They’re brave to try and cover something like that: Skyfall’s theme tune is one of the strongest tracks of the year.

Tim: Brace yourself for something I’m about to say, because I’m aware it’ll be contentious, but: I think this is, possibly, better than Adele’s?

Tom: No. It’s not better than Adele’s. I can categorically say that. Adele’s is a classic Bond theme – an astonishing, diva voice belting out over a full orchestral backing. This is good, don’t get me wrong, but the original is better.

Tim: Or if not, then at least more fit for purpose. Because having seen the film, and while I didn’t think it at the time, it kind of deserves a heavier opening theme than it was given.

Tom: Are you stark raving mad? This wouldn’t fit the mood at all. This is way too harsh, too powerful: it never lets up. It’s not a bad metal track, by any means, but it’s not a Bond theme.

Tim: Actually, that’s true – it wouldn’t have fitted that opening scene very well. But while I know we said that Adele’s one was a return to proper Bond theme, brass and strings and all that, I think the explosions in the film, the destruction, the emphasis of everything that happens just seems to sound, well, better when accompanied by the electric guitar and the heavy drums. I really think this works.

Tom: As a metal track, it works. As a Bond theme? Not a chance.