Darin – Playing With Fire

“A year between singles. He’s no Rihanna, that’s for sure.”

Tim: It’s been a long time coming, especially as the two EPs that were promised last year never actually materialised, but Darin’s sixth album is finally out at the end of the month; here’s the second single, after last February’s Nobody Knows.

Tom: A year between singles. He’s no Rihanna, that’s for sure.

Tom: Hmm. Well, that’s…. OK? I guess? I mean, I know it’s a bit rich to call out pop music for being repetitive, but this does seem to go on a bit.

Tim: Synth stuff, dance bit, great. Vocals and lyrics as good as necessary for a dance track like think. But the main “You keep playing with fire”? Actually, not so keen, or at least not at the start – the second batch in each chorus works alright, and it gets more listenable throughout the track and with further listens, but the initial rounds with next to nothing underneath aside from the one heavy beat does quite put me off this.

Tom: Agreed.

Tim: Which is a shame, because the rest is all great.