Emerentia – Wasting Water

What a chorus that is.

Tim: This is super. A Swedish 18 year old’s debut track, and a very promising start.

Tim: Super, no?

Tom: My eyebrows raised in astonishment when that chorus kicked in. That sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not.

Tim: I mean, really, what a chorus that is. I said a couple of days ago about that Line & Basim track that I could imagine singing along to that – well, that was nothing compared to this one. Especially in the final section, where she belting it out at the top of her voice, it’s hard not to join in: “I’ll find my way BAAACK AAAGAAIN, so NO MOOOOOORE wasting WAAAAATER”.

Tom: Early, long and good middle eight, steadily building into a properly triumphant final chorus. Well done.

Tim: Well, quite – it’s not just the chorus. To be honest, there’s not a lot that can be said against this track. It gets going quickly, the verses are short to make extra space for the chorus, and the second half of the middle eight is a fantastic “you know what’s coming, don’t you?” build. LOVE IT.

Tom: Unconditional thumbs-up from both of us are rare, but yep. Couldn’t agree more.