Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like

“I’m looking for a BANGING CHOON.”

Tom: He’s gone all commercial.

Tom: Okay, let’s get the video out of the way first: I must be getting old, because I was more interested in the Airstream trailer and Googie architecture than I was about the blatant pandering to teenage boys. Also, Armin van Buuren looks a bit he’s a Dutch version of Pat Sharp.

Tim: There, I must agree with you. You’re getting old.

Tom: This is the first single off the just-released new album, which is called “Intense”. Ironically, that’s something you can’t call this track: it’s no more intense trance than anything else in the pop charts. I know the lead single has to be mainstream, but blimey: this is taking it a bit far.

Tim: Really? What were you looking for?

Tom: From the first single of an Armin van Buuren album, in the lead-up to summer? I’m looking for a BANGING CHOON.

Tim: Well, alright, it’s not hugely intense, but it’s a perfectly good dance track. Nothing all that special, but following Chicane & Ferry Corsten, and Rivaz, that would take quite a bit. Really, what were you looking for?

Tom: A CHOON. Still, that’s what remixes are for, I suppose: and this’ll still get a cheer when he plays it on some vacation island this summer.