Lucy Spraggan – Lighthouse

“…ooh, quite good.”

Tom: She’s doing “acoustic folk hip-hop”. She’s that one who pulled out of the X-Factor. She’s NORTHERN. And she’s…

Tom: …ooh, quite good. I mean, I suspect it won’t light up the charts given her previous performances, but this is a really nice track.

Tim: Huh. I was all prepared to go “yawn, next please” with this, especially with that introduction (hip-hop? Seriously?), but as it happens it’s not bad.

Tom: But let’s not forget that the X Factor wasn’t her breakthrough: she’s been performing at festivals for a while, and put a first album out herself. She’s not someone with a good voice who’s suddenly shot into the limelight: she’s a competent singer-songwriter who’s been gigging for a while.

Tim: True, but does that make a difference in the long run? She’ll get quite a bit more publicity, I guess, but likely at the cost of “authenticity”. Silly word, that, but there are some people (generally bell-ends) who insist on it.

Tom: I suspect that, if she keeps going like this, she won’t be “that person off the X Factor” – she’ll be “that folk singer who did the X Factor once”.

Tim: I don’t care what she’s known as, I want to know what her fans are calling themselves, because if they’re not going with “Sprag bols” they’ve really missed a trick.