Soluna Samay – L.O.V.E. (If Women Ruled the World)

“Repetitive? Yes. But great? Also yes.”

Tim: Cast your mind back twelve months to Baku and you may remember Soluna representing Denmark with the rather pleasant Should’ve Known Better; if you don’t, then, well, to be honest it doesn’t make a difference one way or the other regarding this track, which is new.

Tim: Repetitive? Yes. But great? Also yes.

Tom: That’s because rhythms like that have been used in pop music for a very long time – this is new, but it’s drawing on a lot of old sources to make something very nice indeed.

Tim: Hmm. Maybe the world is running out of music. Or maybe people just know what works. Either way, it’s very good.

The video reminds me of the stock photo library trawl that was Tegan and Sara’s Closer, but here it doesn’t seem weird, it just seems brilliant – while I watch it, I can’t stop myself smiling.

Tom: That’s because it’s got some proper art direction to it.

Tim: YES to the trainers and the crappy sunglasses and the pineapple, LOVE the catapult and the milkshake and all the other things that are just there. Why are they there? So we can play with them later. Why should we play with them later? Well, why the hell not? IT’S FUN. Like the song, really.

Tom: It is that. I was about to write that it could have been written any time in the last thirty years, but you know what? I think I’m wrong. This is still a modern song in its production and style, it just uses very traditional… well, everything.

Tim: As for what the title’s about, I’m not entirely this sort of frivolity is what people like Emily Davison and Emmeline Pankhurst had in mind when campaigning for women’s rights, but it’s fun so WHO CARES? I DON’T, because I’m smiling.