Saturday Flashback: One Direction – Forever Young

Exactly like you think it’s going to sound.

Tim: Remember how on Wednesday we mentioned Leona Lewis’s version of Burn getting leaked, and I said that that’s something that often happens? Well, this was recorded back in December 2010, and would have been released had they not lost out to Matt Cardle.

Before you listen to it, know this: it sounds exactly like you think it’s going to sound.

Tom: Crikey, it does as well. That’s utterly, entirely predictable. Which, I suppose, is kind of the point. I might have been surprised by the key change, if it wasn’t for the rising strings that telegraphed it coming.

Tim: This is… ludicrous. Forever Young can justifiably be described as one of the best-known tracks of pretty much ever. Wikipedia lists it as being used in six TV shows, several films and a multitude of advert campaigns, and even if the young folk have never heard the original they’ve almost certainly heard that nonsense that Jay-Z made of it, or the cover that went huge thanks to The O.C., or possibly the German rap version.

Tom: Although probably not the German rap version.

Tim: I don’t know, maybe. But now…well, you know that thing where you type the beginning of a question into Google and get the LOLs from the suggestions? Type “forever young” into the YouTube search box, and take a look. Go on, I dare you.

Tom: Ouch. I got One Direction as the third option — and before Alphaville, who originally sang it.

Tim: Indeed. And you know what the worst thing is? The worst thing about the fact that this fairly limp cover version by a now-getting-somewhat-annoying boyband has become the second most searched for version of a once great song?

Tom: That it’s a pretty good track?

Tim: Bang on. I actually really like this, with the just good enough harmonies, the overblown strings, the key change and the 2 and 4 beat claps at the end. It’s fantastic. Syco may be one of the most ruinous music labels out there, but damn, they can come up with the goods.