Mutya Keisha Siobhan – Flatline

“All the way through, I was hoping for more.”

Tom: So the three ex-Sugababes — the three with the most awkward names to spell — have their first single. This ought to be an absolute cracker, right? I mean, there’s no way that they’d start out with anything other than a bit of pop genius, right?


Tim: Right. This is, by the way, a track I’ve heard a lot about but never actually cared enough to listen to. But I suppose I should really give it a go. Like you say – it ought to be great.

Tom: …oh, man, is that ever an album track.

Tim: Oh, now that’s quite harsh.

Tom: All the way through, I was hoping for more: that the lacklustre first verse would turn into a brilliant chorus, that the second chorus would be greater than the first, that the building middle eight would resolve into a glorious finale… and each time, I was disappointed.

Tim: I know what you mean about wanting more – I felt a tad let down when the chorus hit following that first build to it, and the close isn’t really as strong as I’d like it to be – but dismissing it as album track material is harsh. Mind you, it’s not what it should be as a “LOOK AT US, WE’RE HERE” track.

Tom: The ending is… nice, I suppose? But “nice” really isn’t what I was looking for here.

“A flatline that ought to be a wave.” That pretty much just sums up the song, doesn’t it?

Tim: I’m not sure – looking at it objectively, beat-heavy dance pop is what we want and what they did as the Sugababes. People hearing from them, such as us, will probably want that same stuff, and be disappointed; on the other hand, they presumably want to say “actually, we’re MKS, not the Origibabes”, and this is the right way of doing it. Will it work? I don’t know – Origibabes fans won’t like it immediately, but others might.

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  1. You’re absolutely wrong about “Origibabes” fans not liking it immediately. If you read anywhere on the net, fans of the original Sugababes (the first lineup) are DYING for this track.

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