The Mizuna Greens – Remember Me

“It aims for Coldplay’s lighters-in-the-air style”

Tim: The nice thing about SoundCloud embedding things having waveforms is that they provide hope. I did, for example, choose not to give up after the chorus on this one, safe in the knowledge that there was more to come. And it was worth it.

Tim: Sure, it’s a nice gentle ballad right from the off, but right now I want something big and bold, and this Swedish pair were nice to provide it, eventually at least.

Tom: It took a while, though — it’s a strange mix of two genres, really, although they gel together better than I thought they would.

Tim: Yes, there was a sense of “oh, do hurry up”, but those big beats that came in for the first chorus were a nice temporary stopgap. What I’m really saying is that the opening minute or so is nice if you like a quiet ballad, and the last minute and a half or so is great whatever you want. It’s all good.

Tom: I feel like it aims for Coldplay’s lighters-in-the-air style and doesn’t quite make it: that said, Coldplay are a pretty high bar to meet and they get as far as I’d expect any indie group to get.