Ace Wilder – Busy Doin’ Nothing

“Right, people, here’s the thing.”

Tim: Right, people, here’s the thing. This was the already-briefly-mentioned very very close runner-up at Melodifestivalen this year, and everybody loved and…and I don’t really get why. Now it’s been tarted up (very very) slightly for a UK release, so let’s focus on it.

Tim: Is it the message? I can understand that, I suppose, with its whole “sod off and stop making me do stuff” routine that’s admittedly quite attractive. The music doesn’t do all that much for me – the gentle guitar strummy bits in the verse are a little dull and initiate a gut “oh do get on with it” feeling from me; the similar bits in the chorus make me realise her shouting over light guitars isn’t a particularly pleasant sound, and the loud post-chorus gives me an “OKAY YOU’VE GOT ON WITH IT NOW STOP”.

I don’t want to give it a complete drubbing, as there are bits I do really like. Specifically, the second half of each verse, when the instrumentation picks up and she sings nicely, and the bit in the middle eight that starts just after two minutes in, where it all strikes a really great balance. Those aside, though: it’s really not for me, but I really wish it was.