Tove Lo – Not On Drugs

“But then that chorus hit, and WOW.”

Tim: Thanks to one particular two-lettered mobile phone company, I’m in a bit of a bad mood right now, so what I’m looking for is something fairly loud.

Tim: So when I pushed play on this, I wasn’t immediately enthralled, and soon found my eyes wandering to that there Twitter.

Tom: That’s pretty much what I did too. Those first few notes are dull, dull, dull, but then the end of that first verse starts building properly…

Tim: But then that chorus hit, and WOW. It’s nothing huge, admittedly, or particularly novel, but it’s almost reminiscent of Wrecking Ball (and, I suppose, Undo), what with the big lengthy bass notes coming out of nowhere, suddenly whacking you right in the eardrum.

Tom: I wouldn’t give it that much of credit: it’s interesting, sure, but it’s not backed up by the vocal emphasis that it needs — that build just isn’t followed through on.

Tim: Listen to the lyrics and you’ll find they sort of fit, with the tone, but not actually all that much because yes the music has a desperate ‘listen to me’ sensation, but it’s also exactly the sort of music that you could imagine getting utterly off your face to, so, well, I dunno, maybe that’s the point. Anyway, this is great.