JA – Caroline

“Upbeat country pop.”

Tim: Here’s a fun track, and topical as well because The X Factor’s back this weekend (tragic, isn’t it?) and allegedly this Swedish duo were invited to perform following various YouTube covers and the like.

Tim: ​Hmm. Well, let’s hope that only happens to one act a year, and in the meantime have a preview, so we can all say we liked them first.

Tim: And it’s upbeat country pop, and it’s very good at doing it, or at least that’s my view.

Tom: Yep. I found my foot tapping along.

Tim: It’s fun, it’s got the typically good for a boost oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-etc following the chorus, and it’s sung about one girl in particular, which provides an opportunity for plenty of “oh, just imagine if I was Caroline” feels.

Tom: You actually just used the word ‘feels’, didn’t you? Did you even notice? ‘Cos I can imagine you slating yourself for that a couple of years ago.

Tim: And BOOM, he takes the bait, which is good as I’d have seemed an utter bellend otherwise.

Tom: Fairly sure that “live like young hearts do” basically means “have sex”, though.

Tim: ​Mate, they’re two blokes in their mid-teens. Everything basically means “have sex”. So as a debut original track, I think this is a pretty good shot.