Oh Land – Head Up High

“It took a while to get going, but yes.”

Tim: To Denmark, for some electropop!

Tim: And happy electropop, and to be honest I don’t have much to say about it because really I just want to listen to it – that chorus, repetitive as it may be, is very chirpy indeed.

Tom: It took a while to get going, but yes. Oddly, I found that offbeat middle-eight to be the best part of the whole thing, but I still enjoyed it.

Tim: Is she singing “higher”? Well, yes, but also “HIYA!” in a nice fun greeting, with a “come join in with me having fun” sense to it.

Tom: Or in the stereotypical sense of delivering a vicious karate chop to someone’s neck.

Tim: Which could also be fun, I suppose. And I want to have fun with someone who’s all about keeping their head held high, whatever may happen, because that’s the best way to live life. And it really is, like this is somewhat the best way to make music: happy electropop. LOVE IT.