Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Something New

“One of the meanings of lambda is binding constructions in lambda calculus”

Tom: That is an uppercase Greek letter lambda in the credit, something that every music site seems to be copying and pasting without comment. Normally I’d replace it with “feat.” or “and”, but given that one of the meanings of lambda is binding constructions in lambda calculus, I’ll allow it.

Tim: I canot BELIEVE more music sites aren’t commenting on that.

Tom: ANYWAY. Two-thirds of Swedish House Mafia here…

Tom: …which is fitting, because this is a brilliant first two-thirds of a song.

Tim: What?

Tom: It’s clearly building: at the end of that “we belong to something new” I was expecting a big drop, and after the second instrumental build I was frankly expecting something ASTONISHING.

Instead we got a few bars of a first-chorus-quality drop, and then… it was pretty much it. Either it was back to the verse, or it was the end of the song.

Tim: Huh. Not entirely sure I agree with you there. Yes, if this was a stock song structure there’d be a middle eight and closing section after that, but I think it also works as an outro. Would I say no to some more? Absolutely not. But I don’t think it qualifies as particularly lacking – that’s a perfectly good dance section, and shouldn’t be dismissed as just a build.

Tom: I can only assume that the other one from Swedish House Mafia was generally responsible for providing some sense of LOUD BANGING CHOON CLOSURE and the other two didn’t know what to do without him.

Tim: Except write lyrics at 2:40 talking about Pret a Manger.

Tom: What do you… oh, for crying out loud. I can’t hear that any other way now.

Tim: Sir, your are very, very welcome.