Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song


Tim: First song off her upcoming seventh (SEVENTH and that’s impressive enough on its own) album.

Tom: For someone who won American Idol, that’s staggering. I can’t think of a more successful reality show contestant.

Tim: But dammit, where is the opening to the chorus from?

Tim: Because it’s very very good, and I’m absolutely certain I’ve heard it before, but I can’t for the life of me think wh—

Tim: THANK YOU YES, it’s straight out of Jimmy Eat World, which is also a very very good song, and weirdly it’s got exactly the same verse intro as well, with the “[syllable]……” and the drumbeat underneath.

Tom: It’s certainly close, although whether it’s “legal action” close I don’t know — because while there are some very similar parts, it’s clearly a Very Different Track.

Tim: It is indeed, and so regardless of any similarity, I love this, because there is no part that I don’t enjoy. Lyrics, great, with the “you are brilliant, and so is everything” message.

Tom: True, but if you’ve got “pins and needles in your tongue”, you might want to get something checked out.

Tim: Fair point. But then melody, chorus, verse, middle eight, all twisting in with those lyrics, being that everything, and all wonderful, whether I’ve heard them before or not.

Tom: Yep, I can’t disagree: this is brilliant.

Tim: This is pop – pure, glorious pop music, and it’s wonderful. Let’s TURN IT UP UP UP UP ALL NIGHT LONG.