PVRIS – St Patrick

“I can only assume they’re from the same place as CHVRCHES.”

Tom: I can only assume they’re from the same place as CHVRCHES. Musically, though…

Tom: …not bad.

Tim: Not bad at all.

Tom: Our resident Radio Insider sends us this one, saying they’re like a bit like a “rocky Kelly Clarkson” mixed with, as previously mentioned, CHVRCHES. And I can kind of see where he’s coming from.

Tim: Yes, it’s not bad at all, and a fitting description. I vastly prefer that chorus to the verses, mind, with the poppier music behind it, but yes, I can enjoy this.

Tom: The video’s straight from the Hurts playbook: desaturated, slow motion, dark clothing, moody walking.

Tim: It took me a few watches to work out what was going on with the baseball bats coming out of her Mary Poppins mirror.

Tim: I do, however, have one massive problem with this track, and it’s the chorus lyrics.

Tom: Oh?

Tim: “Something to talk about, talk about / that’s not the s— in my…” — complete that sentence. My brain insists that it’s going to be a rhyming couplet, hears the vowel in ‘about’, and promptly completes it with ‘mouth’. I know that’s not the actual lyric. But every time, my brain goes that way, and frankly it’s just unpleasant.

Tom: Huh. I don’t remotely get that – for me the rhythm is different enough not to predict that, so I’ve no problem with the chorus at all.