Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband


Tom: You remember Olly Murs’ surprisingly catchy Dance With Me Tonight?

Tom: Awkward.

Tim: Yeah. Well, I’d have gone with #awkward, but pretty much, yeah.

Tom: Now, Meghan’s track has been out for a while, but now it’s officially a Single with a Video, and there are a startling number of people pointing out the comparison.

Tim: Startling? Mate, a startling number would be none at all, and if it’s being discussed on Radio 1 (at it has been at least once, last Monday) and Olly’s track’s Wikipedia page stated for several days that “In 2015 this song was copied by Meghan Trainor in her song Dear Future Husband,” the word you’re looking for is ‘appropriate’.

Tom: Now, to be fair: it’s a standard doo-wop chord progression, and it’s even in a slightly different key from Murs. But the instrumentation is almost identical, the delivery is similar, and the lyrics even rhyme in places. It’s not just close: it’s really bloody close.

Let’s set that aside for a minute, though: because, yes, it’s a formula, but it’s a formula that definitely works. Musically, it’s lovely.

Tim: Yes. In fact, this is precisely the song that made me realise that Olly Murs could do enjoyable music.

Tom: But as for the lyrics: do I need to do anything more than shudder?

Tim: Need to? No. But to be honest I’m surprised (and happy for you) that you’re just shuddering, and not having a full-on repeat of your Finland 2013 breakdown.