TDK feat. Robin Sternberg – Let Me Dance With You

“Desperation, unpleasantness and downright lechery.”

Tim: In this context, a dance producer rather than a manufacturer of cassette tapes.

Tom: I was going to ask.

Tim: And it’s Robin’s turn to feature on a BIG DANCE TRACK, following other tracks with various other artists.

Tim: Starting out a bit like a mid-00s indie band, this gives that up fairly quickly, which is nice, because as a dance track it’s really quite good.

Tom: I know – when you said BIG DANCE TRACK, I wasn’t expecting that intro. You’re right, it’s quite good as a dance track; I doubt it’s going to be a full-on floorfiller, but it wouldn’t stop me dancing.

Tim: Lyrically, though – oh no. Come on Robin, you’re a Eurovision popstar, you shouldn’t need to spend three and a half minutes singing and/or shouting at a girl, because with this amount of insistence and desperation you’re not far away from sounding like Jedward in terms of desperation, unpleasantness and downright lechery.

Tom: It’s possible to pull this off successfully — but not with this amount of repetition.

Tim: On the other hand,… actually, no – can’t really think of any redeeming quality to those lyrics. Decent music, though, so can we have an instrumental remix? And then a mashup with some completely different lyrics? OK THANKS BYE.