Icona Pop – Emergency

“Because Electro Velvet couldn’t make it sound bad enough, Icona Pop had their own go.”

Tim: So, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but electro swing is really big right now?

Tom: Five bloody points. I know it wasn’t a winner, but only five bloody points.

Tom: I don’t think that’s electroswing. That’s just a poorly-chosen, repetitive sample: electroswing requires… well, something with some actual swing to it, but generally some actual, skilful remixing. But yes, okay: in the same way that dubstep is “anything with a wub in it”, electroswing is now “any 20s sample”. Fine.

Tim: Yeah, and possibly because Electro Velvet couldn’t make it sound bad enough, Icona Pop come along and had their own go.

And bloody hell, I wish I’d never pushed play on that, because WHY CAN’T I UNHEAR IT? That UTTERLY INSIPID two-bar sax loop, it’s just HORRIBLE. I eat my dinner, it’s there. I watch TV, it’s there. I close my eyes, it’s there. I try to think back to all the amazing stuff I heard at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, AND I CAN’T HEAR IT BECAUSE THAT SAXOPHONE IS THERE.

Tom: That’s like the gig equivalent of name-dropping there, Tim.

Tim: I KNOW! Isn’t it great? Yes, yes it was.

Tom: I can’t disagree though, it’s a terrible track.

Tim: Moral of the story? Electro swing should be BANNED and ILLEGAL and ERASED FROM HISTORY.