Ace Wilder – Stupid

“That’s not something you hear every… BLOODY HELL.”

Tom: Well, there’s a name that makes me think of awful movies. This is a cross between Ace Ventura and Van Wilder, presumably?

Tim: Blimey, you really don’t remember most of these tracks, do you? Not even the incredible Do It, or Busy Doin’ Nothing, which missed out on going to Eurovision by a quarter of a percent? Well, anyway, what we have here is basically a total racket. But it’s a fairly well-written total racket, so have a listen.

Tom: A sitar and other Indian percussion? That’s not something you hear every… BLOODY HELL. Sorry, the first chorus just kicked in and surprised the hell out of me. Not just because of its force: but because it sounds very, very good.

Tim: Sometimes I find reading the lyrics helps me get a better grip on a song; if you do that with this one, you’ll quickly get yourself into that position where the world has entirely lost its meaning, so don’t do that.

Tom: I really don’t like these lyrics; I know they’re meaning “let’s go out and have a good time” but what they’re saying is “let’s end up in an ambulance”.

Tim: Yes, but then you recently thought the idea of me sitting atop a 600 metre precipice was a horrific idea, so forgive me if I don’t agree with you there. Instead, listen to the noise, and enjoy it, because shouty as it may be, it’s a very enjoyable shouty.

Tom: Right! This is a bold choice that really pays off: it sounds unlike any other pop song we’ve covered this year, and it sounds brilliant. Pity about the words.

Tim: NO – let’s GET stupid. Let’s WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW to ask why. Let’s have the BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES, and let’s make HISTORY. Though seriously, “stupid”. What sort of a word is that?