Elin Bergman – Gasoline Dream

“It keeps changing on me.”

Tim: Formerly of Swedish Idol, Elin’s here with her second single.

Tom: That’s one of the best introductions I’ve heard for a while. And with a voice that sounds a bit like Ellie Goulding, it’s promising. It’s just… well, it keeps changing on me.

Tim: And I reckon that can very much be compared to a staircase in terms of enjoyability – many songs segue gently from once place to another, whereas here we seem to have very defined sections, at least for the first two thirds of it. Opening with just the quiet undertones is to be honest a bit dull; the first ‘gasoline dream’ builds up and immediately hits a new level. Trumpets are IN, and we’re up again, before going right back down for the second time around.

Tom: Mm. And it spoils it for me – plus, that trumpet sample is dire. There are a couple of good tracks in here, and a couple of very dodgy ones, but they never work together. What do you reckon?

Tim: I’ll be honest: I find that a significant flaw. I said for the first two thirds of it, and that’s true. Come the end of the middle eight, everything piles in together and it’s good and enjoyable and it all flows nicely – so I don’t get why the disjointedness at the start. Sure, there are individual good bits, but as a whole it’s more than a little ugly.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Just had to comment that the trumpet is NOT a sample. It’s an actual trumpet played live by man!

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