Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainor – Marvin Gaye

“That’s an awful lyric but an amazing song.”

Tim: Prediction: we’ll disagree here.

Tom: Oh bloody hell, that’s an awful lyric but an amazing song.

Tim: Huh. I guess not, then. So, we’ve a video straight out of one of the more risqué episodes of Glee (I really hope those kids have had decent sex ed classes) and a song from a PG rated High School Musical.

Tom: With a bit more blatant product placement, too. Although this is one of those videos that probably isn’t suitable for kids despite being, you know, technically suitable for kids.

Tim: I happen to think it’s a very enjoyable track, though that may be because I heard it on the radio before knowing what it was. That probably says something about my predisposition to dislike some artists, actually, but we can discuss my shortcomings some other time. For the time being, well, there’s not actually much to say.

Tom: It’s lovely!

Tim: Well there’s that I suppose, and it is.

Tom: Apart from that horrible, cringeworthy lyric. The rest of it is wonderful, the composition, the performance, everything: it’s just an amazingly clunky line.

Tim: You see I don’t mind it, though that may be because the melody of the lines is just brilliant. It is very much of the no messing around variety, often pleasantly refreshing, while the music is performing the potentially daring act of slightly channelling the indicated style. All very nice, really, and I’m pleased I heard it before knowing who sang it.