Nova Miller – Singin in the Rain

“Musically great, but lyrically awful.”

Tim: As I write this, I’ve just got home from work and it’s been one of those days when all you want to do is drink. Let’s see if this’ll help me, and if I can get over my irritation at the missing ‘g’ in the title.

Tom: Never mind that: why on earth would you take a title from one of the most well-known songs of all time? Did they not Google it? Even that original has the missing G, although at least got an apostrophe. Does that help? Or failing that, does the song at least soothe it?

Tim: I think it works, on all counts – it somewhat does help me cheer up, and it works very well as a good followup to her debut, June’s Supernova.

Tom: Really? Because this is musically great, but lyrically awful.

Tim: I still have my misgivings about incessant chirpy whistling, and a lyric video really isn’t the best way for me to ignore spelling idiocies; on the other hand, “don’t need an umbrella, I’ll make it through the weather” is one of my favourite chorus intros in a while–

Tom: What. No, no, no. It’s terrible.

Tim: Oh, come on – it’s FUN!

Tom: I actually swore under my breath when I heard it. It’s mainly the intonation, I think, but it needs to leave and it needs to leave immediately.

Tim: — and while I suspect the vast number of repetitions of “singin singin singin in the rain” has enormous potential to irritate, I flipping love it right now.

Tom: And the thing is, I can see why. It’s a good track, apart from those lyrics — and the fact that she’s pronouncing “smiling” as “smelling”, which puts a whole different spin on it. And that the whistling sounds a bit like they’re about to go into a Coldplay riff.

Tim: Pah, niggles. I’m going to be honest: writing that intro, I was feeling massively cynical and figured I may end up wanting to chuck my iMac out of the window. As it is: nope, and I’m on my fourth play now with a massive grin on my face.