Saturday Flashback: Basshunter – Now You’re Gone

“It’s time for celebration”

Tim: “But…why?” is the question I’m sure you’re answering. Have a listen, I’ll explain.

Tim: So, it’s time for celebration in the Basshunter household: last week this song finally went platinum in the UK! Eight years on from its initial release, enough people are still buying it for total sales to have climbed past 600,000. Mr Hunter himself was presumably delighted, or perhaps disappointed because he thought it already was.

Tom: Let’s not ignore that streaming count, either: 170 million views on YouTube is astonishing.

Tim: Certainly, though consideration must be given to the fact that the video, lest we forget, is the first chapter in the story of him and his girlfriend Ayla, continued in most of his other videos; it doesn’t quite match the dramatic heights of American Horror Story so I can’t bring myself to watch through them to remember the story, but there’s probably heartbreak but then a happy ending and stuff. Whatever it is, CONGRATULATIONS!

Tom: And never forget your roots. Your techie, Swedish roots.