Tove Lo – Moments

“editorially justified”

Tim: This, the new track to go with the deluxe reissue of Tove’s last album, and we’ve got a slightly adult-rated lyric video here, so you might want to make sure you’ve not got any impressionable kids wandering past.

Tim: And, well, that’s at least got an air of honesty about it, making a change from any fairly desperate “I’m brilliant I’ll love you forever I’m dedicated to you and will be forever” that we may more typically see.

Tom: “I can’t be the perfect one / but I’ll make you come” is a wonderfully understated lyric, too.

Tim: That it very much is. It’s funny – I was first thinking that the end of the chorus might just be there for shock value, but then I tried switching it for another word or rearranging it, but I couldn’t make anything work anywhere near as well. Obviously I’m not a songwriter, but that does kind of imply that sometimes, you’ve just got to be a bit rude, and when you are it’s highly effective (especially if you’re claiming to be incredibly charming).

Tom: Absolutely agreed: there are times when absolutely nothing else will work, and I suspect this is one of them. I believe various broadcast guidelines describe it as “editorially justified”.

Tim: Music: eh, decent, but taking a back seat, really. Weird how one single chorus line can overpower a whole song, but there it is.