Kylie Minogue – Every Day’s Like Christmas (Stock Aitken Waterman Remix)

“That is EXACTLY what I expected it to be.”

Tim: RIGHT, so here’s a third one off Kylie’s album that’s getting a push, or at least this remix is, and here’s why.

Tom: Crikey, they’re pushing these out, aren’t they?

Tim: On occasion, with good reason:

Tom: Well, that is EXACTLY what I expected it to be.

Tim: Exactly as brilliant, I trust you mean. I really don’t think it would be going too far to call Mike, Matt and Pete the true three wise men of this Christmas at least, with what they’ve done to the Chris Martin-penned original being this good.

Tom: I don’t want to think about what that makes Kylie.

Tim: Ew. Um, no. That original is a perfectly decent Christmas song on its own, but this takes that, festive trumpets and bells and all, sticks a fantastic final chorus on the end and basically turns it right up to poppers o’clock.

Tom: You know that GIF of Nathan Fillion? That’s basically how I reacted to those last few words. Well done.

Tim: Good good. We’ve also a lovely huggy message in the lyrics, Christmassy instruments and as brilliant a production as you could possibly expect. Oh, it’s good.

Tom: It is, but I’m going to qualify this somewhat: it’s good, but even in the Three Wise Men’s glory years, I think this would have been a B-side. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing to make it massively stand out.

Tim: Oh, I could not disagree more. I can understand, slightly, why they went for 100 Degrees as the main release, but damn, they should have gone with this – this track here is Kylie’s One More Sleep, and long may it hang around.