Saturday Flashback: Hera Björk – Someday

“A number of wonderful things here”

Tim: Almost time to start going through this year’s Eurovision rejects, but first let’s take a trip back to 2009. Hera herself may be Icelandic, but why not at least try for Denmark anyway?

Tom: This is the same Hera that you were so enthusiastic about. A lot to live up to.

Tom: That takes a long time — perhaps too long — to kick in, but it’s worth it when it does.

Tim: A number of wonderful things here – the way the backing singers appear with a level of gravitas that might be appropriate if the curtain wasn’t entirely transparent but as it is is entirely undeserved.

Tom: I actually burst out laughing at that. It’s like they’re stepping out of the back of a shop from the 1980s.

Tim: The catherine wheel that kicks off at the key change that gets out of control, keeps accelerating until it can’t give any more and just splurges out; and then the rest of it – the so, so ’00s dance beat that jumps in for the chorus —

Tom: I was quite surprised this was as late as 2009: if it wasn’t for the widescreen shot, I’d have placed this somewhere around ten years earlier.

Tim: — the aforementioned key change, and of course Hera herself. Oh, what a wonderful woman.