Catching Cooper – Firefly

Tim: Second single off this Norwegian band, with a lyric video that – I won’t deny – you might struggle to keep up with.

Tim: I don’t really know why, but that just makes me SO HAPPY. Well, actually, I do know why: it’s because it has every single feel-good boyband trope going, and then some.

Tom: I was going to say: this sounds a bit like Discount One Direction, in a way that a lot of boybands don’t: the style of harmony, the… well, everything. Everything apart from that middle eight, though. What did you pick out?

Tim: First off we’ve the ‘then some’: opening on the chorus, which is occasionally risky but so good if it pays off, as indeed it does. Throughout, we’ve got major key verses, never really calming down from that very first chorus.

Moving through, we’ve a two part middle eight, an initial part as is ever the case and a second half building up and up and up. And the part that got me from “slightly smiling face” emoji to “smiling face with open mouth” emoji —

Tom: Really?

Tim: — that soaring vocal out of the middle eight that’s so unashamed they even put it in the lyric video, twice. It’s SO textbook, and it works SO SO WELL.

Tom: You really should read The Manual. It really is the textbook.

Tim: I do want to know whether they’ve even yet realised they misspelled “emptiness”, though.