Full of Keys – Me & The Sea

“Everything it needs to be great is right there”

Tim: Sophomore release from this Swede with a silly stage name; I think ‘BIG’ would be an appropriate introduction.

Tom: The artist or the music?

Tim: Oh, just have a listen.

Tim: Fair? Big instruments all the way through, aside from the excellently suspenseful pause before each chorus; big vocals gerenally moving up to huge in the chorus; all in all, making what should be a very, very good song.

Tom: That is fair, but I notice your “what should be” in there, and I suspect I’m going to agree.

Tim: Except…well, I’ve heard it a few times now, and five minutes on I can’t really remember it. It’s a shame, because everything it needs to be great is right there, and I really love it when it’s playing – I just can’t remember what it is I love afterwards.

Tom: Yep. Bigger isn’t always better: all the ingredients are here, but they haven’t been put together quite right.