Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo – Close

“BOOM suddenly Tom Hiddleston gets his bum out and no-one knows where to look.”

Tim: Only a few weeks since she last graced these pages, but Tove is once again back as a feat., and once again getting somewhat physical with the lead.

Tom: Remember when the Jonas Brothers wore purity rings?

Tim: Ha, yeah – who’d have thought that was just a phase, and basically just a publicity stunt? As emphasised here, really. I mean, flipping heck, we have basically a Night Manager style video, where you’re at home with your family, watching a nice spy drama and BOOM suddenly Tom Hiddleston gets his bum out and no-one knows where to look.

Tom: That sounds like it’s a personal experience there.

Tim: Yeah, I’d rather not talk about it. All quite disgraceful, really, or at least it would be if it wasn’t quite as entrancing as it is – combined with the music it almost becomes a can’t-quite-take-your-eyes-away moment. Because yes, that music – it’s gentle and there’s not a lot to get excited about, banging wise, but it’s wonderfully put together, and pleasant to listen to on top.

Tom: You say that, but I’m really not sure about that… is it a distorted steel drum patch they’re using for the main synth line there? It’s not something I’ve heard before, which is usually a good thing, but it takes some getting used to.

Tim: See, I quite like that – has the impact of a standard percussion hit but still being quite soft. So yes, I will take this, just as long as my mum’s not around.