Oscar Zia – Human

“BLIMEY, the power of that.”

Tim: As much as Melodifestivalen is a massive music contest in Sweden, it is at heart still all about Eurovision, and as such there aren’t many songs there that could actually go on for international success. Every year, though, you get a few that you feel really could, with the right contacts made. For example.

Tim: Because BLIMEY, the power of that.

Tom: It’s a shame about the direction: I know they’re going for “edgy” but, for me, they only managed “unsettling”.

Tim: Until Frans’s tripe was unveiled, this was the favourite to win, and I’m not remotely surprised that this is the song that ended up favourite with the international juries. Yes, it’s still straight up pop, but MAN, it’s big and powerful and heartfelt, and so, so, so much more deserving of a win than Frans.

Tom: And that’s why we have the televote: Sweden has always balanced well between “what the world wants” and “what Sweden wants”: and I’d say that’s part of why they’ve won. It’s also arguably another Zelmerlite—

Tim: Zelmerlïte.

Tom: —and in a contest full of them, perhaps Frans will make it. As for this song…

Tim: It is quite entirely outstanding, and I love it.