Years & Years feat. Tove Lo – Desire

“Here, kneel in this gymasium while a load of people fondle you.”

Tim: Desire, the first track they had that was fairly successful, and the last one they had before ‘getting big’; now, they’re revisiting it for a bit of extra cash and getting Tove on board to do some of the vocal work.

Tim: And I think that video conclusively answers the “is it desire or is it love” question posed by the lyrics, because basically everybody wants to get off with everybody else, which is fine by me as long as they don’t immediately kidnap just anybody who happens to be lying in an empty car park.

Tom: “Here, kneel in this gymasium while a load of people fondle you.” And why is he lying in an empty car park, by the way?

Tim: He was looking at his phone and has just realised what a terrible haircut he’s just had, maybe? Musically, is a re-release justified, and does Tove’s presence make redoing this one acceptable instead of getting on and writing new stuff? Hmm, maaaaybe. It’s an enjoyable track, but then so was the first one.

Tom: As ever, I can’t remember the first one, so seeing it just on its merits: this is a pretty good song. Little bit of tropical-house in there, of course, because it’s 2016 and everyone’s doing that, but yes: this is good. And Tove’s presence is justified entirely by that middle eight.

Tim: On the other hand, you do have to keep people interested in between albums (LOOKING AT YOU SOUND OF ARROWS), and I suppose it’s better than just a plain reissue. I am, ooh, about 60% in favour of this, because yes, that is what it deserves.