Nova Miller – So Good

“A great fun chorus with clapability and singalongability”

Tim: Do you fancy three and a bit minutes of compliments?

Tom: There’s a joke about my love life somewhere there.

Tim: Well then we should probably leave it there. Have a listen to this instead.

Tim: First thing to note: someone needs to tell Nova that since The Weeknd came along with their anti-autocorrect protest of a name, “listening to the weekend” is no longer a lyric that can be used.

Tom: Yep, if it wasn’t for the lyric video, I’d have assumed that’s who she was talking about. That said, not the most accurate lyric video ever.

Tim: Yes, which brings us to the second thing to note: is there a job that just involves spotting typos in lyric videos? I feel I’d be quite good at it. HOWEVER, niggles aside, that’s a great fun chorus with clapability and singalongability all built right in there.

Tom: I’m sure I’ve heard that chorus instrumental somewhere before. A DJ Fresh track? Emeli Sande’s Heaven? It’s an amalgamation of many things, but I like it.

Tim: Would I listen to it regularly? Nope. But it is a good track to listen to as you’re getting ready to go out for a Saturday evening? Yeah, I’d say so. Good work everyone.

Tom: Sometimes, that’s all you need from a pop song. That, and that fantastic whistle-register high note in the last chorus.