Samir & Viktor – Fick Feeling

“We’re back, Sweden’s wondering why”

Tim: The follow-up to their Melodifestivalen entry, the lyrics begin “We’re back, Sweden’s wondering why,” so at least they’ve got some self-awareness. The answer to that question, though: they’ve Got The Feeling.

Tim: In fact, in the words of that chorus, “I’ve got the feeling, you’ve got the feeling, we’ve got the feeling, nothing can stop us.” And as a soundtrack to a summer party night, this is pretty good stuff.

Tom: All the way through this, I was thinking “it’s basically the same song as their last one” — but then I listened back, and I was wrong. It is completely different. So why does my brain think I’ve heard it all before? Aside from the fact that it’s basically just shouting about partying.

Tim: It doesn’t matter that it’s closer to shouting than singing, because it should be shouting. Shouting about lying on the beach, bass pounding from the phone; about skipping work and going to a festival instead; about how the sun shines and you don’t feel guilty; and most importantly, about how “everything is better with a saxophone”, because yes, that actually is the lyric and it actually is the case.

Tom: They’ve made that case before, too, and with a bit more swearing. I think this feels familiar to me because, quite simply, it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from them.

Tim: The instrumental part gives me a similar feeling to the one in Bada Nakna – not enjoyable on its own, but perfectly well suited. What we have here is a PARTY TRACK that knows it and is advertising itself as exactly that. And it gets the job done very well indeed.

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  1. It might sound familiar because part of it is very close to P!nk’s “So What”. “Fick Feeling” at around 1:26 and the beginning of “So What” sound very similar.

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